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The world is evolving, and people have finally realized that one of the best ways to earn a good income or increase sales turnover is through online business. Hence, the reason why people are hellbent on creating or buying websites is to reach out to a sizeable amount of customers throughout the world.

Starting or creating a new website from scratch is challenging because you will have to attract visitors, and this will cost you your time and money. Hence, the reason why site builders their clients buy expired domains. Although not all domains are worth it because some generate little or no visitors, and that is why I am writing this article to help people with the information they need to know about expired domains with traffic.

What do expired domains mean?

Expired domains are domain that has been previously allocated to an individual, business or an association, but the contractual binding, validating the domain has come to an end and neither of the parties involved (the buyer and the provider) has made no effort towards contract renewal. Consequently, such domain will be made available for re-registration by the domain provider, with all the associated benefits completely transferred to the new buyer.

Why do domains expire?

There are various reasons why domains may expire. A few of these reasons include:

  1. Trademark Infringement
  2. Termination of contract
  3. Failed project
  4. Portfolio Liquidation

Is an expired domain safe to use?

Yes, an expired domain is completely safe to use. Instead of starting an SEO company or a blog or a site anew, it will be advisable to buy an expired domain. This is because starting a new site will require you to develop new content, backlinks, and domain age authority which is usually time-consuming. When you buy an expired domain, you will automatically inherit these benefits, which means buying an expired domain is not only safe but also advantageous. However, the only situation where your safety may be put at risk is when you buy an expired domain with unfavorable metrics (details later about this).

Are expired domains worth it?

Yes, buying expired domains is worth it. However, before buying an expired domain, make sure you have enough information about such domain before making a purchase decision. Seek advice from experienced site builders to help you determine whether the expired domains have any problem you might inherit. The original owner of the domain you intend to buy may be battling problems with bots, spam attacks, or google warnings.

Benefits of expired domains

When you buy an expired domain, you will have to start from where the original owner stopped all his data and content will be automatically transferred to you. These inherited data could be an advantage or a disadvantage to you depending on the quality of work left behind by the previous owner. Some of the benefits of buying an expired domain include:

Domain authority is a score ranking technique for search engines, which helps to estimate how a website rates in search engine results. The score ranges from 0 to 100. A domain authority determines whether a particular domain is relevant to a topic or industry. High domain authority is a good sign and if you can purchase an expired domain with such quality, then you are one step closer to achieving your objective.

Backlinks are links on a particular website that directs users to other websites. Buying an expired domain with backlinks will go a long way in helping you build your main website`s domain authority because, in some way, it is seen as a vote of confidence. Hence, a boost in the number of users of your website.

301 redirects is an HTTP response code that tells users that a particular web page has changed to another domain. You can take advantage of the 301 redirects by putting a link juice that will automatically take users to your main website. However, if you intend to do this, you just make sure the contents on the domain you intend to buy are related to the purpose your main website serves.

Expired domains with traffic

An expired domain with traffic is an expired domain formerly owned by a business or an individual but generates a lot of visitors or traffic. The new buyer will acquire the traffic after a successful purchase and may decide to build his niche on the inherited traffic or direct the traffic to his main domain using any of the tools discussed earlier in this article.

Expired domain with page rank

Page rank is a mathematical expression that shows how important a web page is. According to Google, how important a page is depends largely on the number of page links on other websites that lead users to the web page. A good expired domain must have a high page rank value. Google calculates web page ranking using this equation;

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1)+…+ PR(Tn)/C(tn))


t1 – tn = pages linking other pages

C = number of outbound links

d = damping factor which is usually fixed at 0.85

Expired Domain with high domain authority

Earlier in this article, I defined domain authority as the “score ranking technique for search engines, which helps to estimate how a website rates in search engine results”. An expired domain with a high domain authority will rank high in both page rank and search engines.

Expired domains in the same niche

It is important to buy an expired domain whose content is related to your main domain, especially when you are buying a new domain with backlinks. When you buy a new domain with a niche similar to yours, all the traffic that belongs to the original owner will become yours. However, if you buy an expired domain name with a different niche, you are likely to lose traffic because they will be seeing completely different from what they intend to see. When there’s no trust, there’s no business!

Why buy an expired domain from us?

Most online businesses fail because they go into it with little or no information about what they are about to do. Acquisition of a domain name is the first step you need to take when trying to earn income online. It is like the foundation, and once a foundation is weak, then every other structure you try to build on it will crumble.

When it comes to expired domains, we are simply the best because we are well experienced and highly knowledgeable. Therefore, we can easily carry out an analytic appraisal on an intended expired domain of your choice. We do this by comparing your business or personal objectives with the standards set by the owner of the original domain. Our decision is usually based on the traffic, metrics, page ranking, and backlinks of an expired domain.