Is wordpress killing web design?

WordPress is the most frequently used platform. Google love it, web designer love it, everyone love it!

Is WordPress killing web design industry because this platform is too user friendly and powerful? Everyone can use builder such as elementor, easily drag and drop to build an awesome website within an hour. People can even import demo data and proceed from there.

Is wordpress killing web development?

Is wordpress killing web development

WordPress is among the most popular options for building a website.

WordPress has so many options that you can do all from e-commerce to membership websites.  These choices lead to greater development time which frequently generates more work for web developers instead of decreasing it. 

In this article, we’ll explain to web designers why WordPress is the best supporter as opposed to danger for web designers that are trying to build sites for customers or only personal projects. 

In 90s, when web got famous and we noticed a rise in things such as web designing and web development. Before this people were coding sites with HTML and CSS.  

As the net began to shift we started noticing many alterations and more of a shift in creating websites from the early 2000s. These websites were often quite brilliant and had unusual navigation. The best color schemes and creative images often became recognition of these websites. 

Websites were in a stage of being more interactive and concentrated more on wooing the viewer. 

Fast forward today and sites have now become about mobile and accessibility. That’s one of the greatest things we concentrate on as net development proceeds to modify.

Access has been the forefront of exactly the search engines are searching for and also this statement has shifted web development. 

Why accessibility matters for web development?

Why accessibility matters for web development

Long ago when people first started online as a web designer, so you never had to design for several devices or seeking to personalize it to fit Google criteria.  You built websites and they’d rank on Google no matter what. 

Today we’re forced to make our sites fit all availability including things like:

  • Voice search
  • Simple navigation
  • Google standards
  • SEO criteria and more

These may look like very fundamental things but considering that sites of the past never needed to worry about these, today developers must focus on things they never learned about.

Search engines have forced us to make sure that these sites meet the demands of the internet differently your website may never be seen. 

WordPress may be to some the bane of the web for a lot of reasons, it does not change the simple fact that it has altered the web.  WordPress has forced other sites to accommodate by keeping up with the standards that have forced sites to be friendlier to all things involving people who struggle with websites. 

When wordpress initially got popular?

What are you thinking? Is WordPress killing web development?

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A lot of people assumed it would kill the web developer but actually, WordPress helped.  People assumed that simpler websites supposed that you would never require a web developer so the easier they became the fear grew. 

The problem was that at that time the WordPress was quite difficult to understand even though a person with very little web knowledge may install a WordPress website that it’s not powerful enough to deal with matters.  That maybe one of WordPress’s main issues. 

WordPress is powerful enough that can run different complex websites like e-commerceand associative websites but if someone has the knowledge about it, who can install it. This weakness and strength have turned into a few of the highest items that people need for sites. 

The simple fact is you can trust on WordPress because it is a beneficialand suitable framework that provides a frame that can be improved through the community and growth to bothcreators and clients.

These types of frameworks can be difficult to find as most will come along and go with age.  WordPress is a frame that has survived the test of time and that is important for several reasons. 

Is wordpress killing web designer?

Is wordpress killing web designer

The simple fact of WordPress killing web development when you consider all of the things that WordPress does and exactly also what it rights, you quickly find that WordPress is only developing web design and development instead of killing it.

WordPress is tricky, which trickiness has an understanding learning curve.

Though a Customer can install WordPress, they may not understand how to resolve things like a broken plugin or theme.

This creates opportunities for web developers to come in and gives them function.  This absence of knowledge by the client is only one more way for an excellent solid company or developer to come in and pick up the job. 

So in fact WordPress is creating more web development, not killing it.

While there are programmers out there who may like or dislike the WordPress platform, I can guarantee it is one of the most reliable systems that available on the marketplace. 

When you mix this with the reality that WordPress has its mini markets such as:

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Updates improvements

This creates new markets where web developers can now broaden from just WordPress to assisting clients with plugins or themes or updates.  These mini-markets have generated markets in which you can find hundreds if not thousands of developers producing products to these markets.

Why is wordpress the ideal solution?

Why is wordpress the ideal solution

What is popular isn’t always the finest option but with WordPress, I think this stands true.WordPress does minimal advertisements when you consider Wix and Squarespace function by employing actors and other endorsements but yet it continues to flourish.

WordPress is blooming day by day because the agenda behind WordPress is solid and web designers who want to continue to workin that field cannot ignore that. 


I hope you have enjoyed this article and may now see why WordPress is an excellent option for both customers and web developers.  WordPress isn’t killing web growth, it is helping it by continuing to make new niches for web developers to focus on.  If you liked this article and want to speak more about web layout or WordPress, come check out our site. And should you have got questions completely free texture to add them below and I’ll answer them.