Is web design and web development the same?

The professional titles “web designer” and “web developer” can appear like they would be somewhat repetitive for those unfamiliar with the regions. While both jobs include bringing a website to life, and position’s duties, preparation, and skillsets are vastly different or the same?

The web designer and web developer are also responsible for the web page service. Both of them are relevant for website construction, but what is a web design, and what is web development, is still a debate? Is web design and web development the same?

We explain these digital words in-depth here and inform you all about the salary, job description of a web designer or a web developer’s career.

What does a web developer do? 

What does a web developer do

The role of a web developer is to promote the idea of a web designer. Web developers are close to those who make, and web designers are like visionaries. In general, a developer specializes in creating website applications. A web designer relies more on what the user wants to do.

How does the connection between developers and designers work properly? Using tools such as JavaScript and jQuery, a web developer creates a website platform to create a smooth-running website that web designers then spill their innovative thoughts on. There are unique tasks for web developers, much like designers, as we’ll highlight below.

Back-end developer

The Back-end is the location where the main structure of the website had built. These developers are programming professionals. Advanced software languages such as Java, SQL, and C # used. Users do not see the task they do because it includes code on web servers and libraries, not on the browser (unlike front-end developers who you will find out soon).

In short, their role is to use different programs to create rational, interactive websites. They spend plenty of time inspecting and fixing bugs as well.

Front-end developer

It had defined as production on the customer side. Since it includes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build stuff that the client can use, such as client lead types, it is more related to web design than back-end creation.

In summary, those designing the front-end have coding abilities, like a back-end developer, but they create systems with which the user can communicate effectively.

Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer functions through multiple layers, including both the front and back end, or stacks. When it comes to web creation, it is the complete package. They are a specialist in all fields.

A Web Developer’s job

Build a website user interface using software such as HTML, CSS, and JS languages.

It’s a front-end developer’s task to construct such an interface that can load efficiently on any browser.To build such an app that could carry complex content from the backend is a Front-End Developer Task.Back-End administrators work with the website’s core rationale and database.

For the back-end and front-end developers, there should be direct contact.

It’s a task for web developers to create the same model that the web designer has provided.

What does a web designer do? 

What does a web designer do

A web designer makes things look fantastic on the website. They concentrate on the page’s look and general feel, using tools like Photoshop to customize the graphic elements of the website. They often use coding to build their templates, such as HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

No hesitate — there are more. Typically, web designers have a specialism that we’ll leap into right now.

User Experience (UX) designer

The work of a UX web designer is to keep your guests hooked. They know precisely how to build a website that your unique audience would love because, not to mention lots of concept testing and platform restructuring, they have carried out an extensive analysis into the profiles and website needs of the customers.

Only imagine, if individuals like to use the website, they are more likely to come back or support it. So, you can already see how your online community can expand.

Designer of User Interface (UI)

A web designer for the User interface aims to enhance the way people communicate on the website with components or the interface. It had achieved by turning confusing brand definitions and values into an entertaining and easy to use the website.

How does UX differ from this one? It’s a subtle one. UX requires analysis to create a good base for a positive user interface, while UI emphasizes the real website’s design (the look and feel).

Visual designer

A visual designer is a hybrid of UX and UI. It’s their job not only to employ their innovative and coding skills to enrich the user journey but to overcome design flaws. They also help conceptualize the distinctive look or tone of voice of a company.

They’re simply a master of all web design skills, and depending on what you choose, their particular tasks will differ immensely.

A web designer’s responsibilities

A web designer's responsibilities
  • A Web Designer uses software such as Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Diagram to design the website’s blueprint.
  • In graphic and logo design, a web designer must have strong skills.
  • A web designer must know how to design a website with less complexity, with a rich user experience.
  • They will need to plan the correct slot to match all of the website’s components, such as images, buttons, and other general formats.
  • A web designer wants to redesign the website architecture according to the industry demand and attempt to incorporate new website functionality as well.
  • A web designer should know which website will fit the color and font format.
  • Search Engine Optimization is known to a web designer, so they design such a website that could rank on famous search engines.
  • A site designer requires a balanced and rational interface to build.

What are the similarities between web designers and web developers?

What are the similarities between web designers and web developers
  • Both web design and web creation may involve any amount of knowledge of programming. Developers focus, of course, even more on programming. And a line of code would not be needed to be written by any programmers.
  • In comparison, since both rely on client interaction or the end-user, web designers and web developers are close.
  • The creator looks at how the end-user is going to see the site or web application navigation process. A creator, on the other hand, would concentrate more on how the client will get something done.
  • Both make the internet a happier environment, in the end.

How do they differ from web designers and web developers?

How do they differ from web designers and web developers

Web designers strive to be more imaginative and artistic in terms of personality, while web developers are more analytical.

Now you know the distinctions between a developer and a designer. It is essential to understand because it can make your website-related life much smoother to realize when to employ each one.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

What is the difference between web design and web development

Web design regulates anything related to a website’s graphic aesthetics and usability-color scheme, style, the flow of content, and anything else associated with the UI / UX (user interface and user experience) visual aspects. Some common skills and instruments that separate the web designer from the web developer are:

  • Creative Suite of Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator) or other tools for illustration
  • Project graphics
  • Style of logo
  • Format / Layout
  • Placing keys for call-to – action
  • Branding for
  • Mock-ups, wireframes, and storyboards
  • Palettes in Color
  • Typography

What the consumer sees on their computer screen or mobile device is associated with web design, and less so with the processes under the surface that make it all functional. They bring a digital interface to life with the use of color, pictures, typography, and style. Numerous web designers had experienced with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows building live web app mock-ups while attempting to introduce an idea to the group or fine-tune an app’s UI / UX.

All the programming that makes a website tick regulated by Web development. It had classified into two classifications: front-end and back-end. The code responsible for deciding how the website will display the prototypes ridiculed by a designer is the front-end or client-side of an application.

It is the duty of the back-end or server-side of an application to handle data within the database. It’s the front-end developer’s work, as you might have guessed, that seems to share the most similarities with the web designer. Below are some skills and instruments historically regarded as unique to the front-end developer:

  • CSS / HTML / JavaScript
  • Preprocessors with CSS (i.e., Fewer or Sass)
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries
  • Between Git and GitHub

Typically, front-end software developers do not produce mock-ups, choose typography, or choose color palettes, usually provided by the designer. It’s the responsibility of the artist to bring to life such mock-ups. That said, it takes some understanding of best practices in UI / UX design to consider what the designer needs so that the developer can use the right technologies to have the desired look and feel and performance in the final product.

Web development vs web design salary

Web development vs web design salary

As a web designer, it remains hard to find a position as many firms do not sell the job to web designers. They require their front-end developer to create an app. On the other hand, it is simple to find a job as a Web-Developer, but you need to upgrade your skills over time. The software used to create websites improves every day, likely that in a year or more tools you use will become outdated.

As there are not enough positions for web designers, often affects the wage, as opposed to the web developer, web designers cost less. The following points make a clear impression about Web development VS web design salary

  • The wage of the web developer in 2020: $99,112 / yr.
  • The income of the back-end developer in 2020: $164,786 / yr.
  • The salary of the full-stack creator in 2020: $98,332 / yr.
  • The wage of a web designer in 2020: $76,177 / yr.
  • The salary of the UI builder in 2020: $97,494 / yr.
  • The wage of the UX builder in 2020: $109,062 / yr.
  • The earning of a graphic artist in 2020: $91,383 / yr.

Final Thoughts:

Web Design and development are two different occupations, so you do not see so many jobs for a web designer, but a web developer has plenty of jobs. A web designer only interacts with the web site’s architecture, while the web developer takes the website to life by using numerous software to write code.