Why is google the best search engine

Whenever you hear the phrase search engine, it probably refers to Google. What could be the reason for this? Why is Google the best search engine?

Why is google better than other search engines?

Why is google better than other search engines

Here are some of the top reasons why Google is considered to be better than other search engines:

  1. Speed

In general, Google can bring back results faster than other search engines, delivering millions of results in just a matter of 0.19 of a second. It is all thanks to their technical infrastructure that is so much better compared to other engines.

  1. Relevancy

The algorithm of Google is also more sophisticated than other engines. They have better means of identifying the most relevant and not so relevant sites, particularly with their continuous algorithm updates to keep up with the changing digital behaviors. Google also has access to numerous data pies that other search engines don’t. More data means more informed decisions as well.

  1. Choice

There are different websites in Google’s index. Since they can pick up new websites faster than other engines, users can search for the latest websites and latest news while loading more sites in general. You should technically have better results if you got more options to choose from.

  1. Branding

This is one aspect of Google that you can never overlook. Their branding is pretty much everywhere. They didn’t advertise that much in the past and they also don’t promote their search offering right now. But, they do advertise the rest of their services that are Google-based, which means that you can just naturally hear the name a lot all the time.

Why google is the best search engine for students?

Why google is the best search engine for students

Why is Google the best search engine for students? Take a look at Google’s role in education:

  1. Google empowers students and even levels the playing field for them. No matter what their age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status might be, Google provides them equal advantage with all the tools, information, and learning materials for their education.
  2. Google provides an extensive range of options to students and educators alike when it comes to compatibility with educational and reading devices. Google is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops whatever the operating software or manufacturer might be. Google search engines and apps can also be used in school, at home, or even on the move.
  3. Google is a free search engine and low cost devices and apps give everyone the chance to afford this service. It has already penetrated educational institutions regardless of boundaries thanks to this.
  4. Google services and apps foster high degree of teamwork and collaboration. Their sites and apps like the collaborative productivity suite have changed the student’s learning techniques. Google apps promote teamwork and collaboration among students and teachers that result to the development of problem solving approach and organizational skills of the former.
  5. Google products and apps are superfast with a support from the world’s best talent pool. The use of Google products can enhance the effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency of students and educators. It is also easy to customize, manage, operate, and scale the products of Google.

What has made the google search engine so successful?

What has made the google search engine so successful

The focus of the earliest search engines is to developed business models that have monetized search. The entire business model of Google, on the other hand, focused on offering a better user experience. Their algorithm is made up of several factors including number of links, page quality, and relevance to the search of the user in addition to the amount that advertisers pay and this improved the original model of earlier search engines. Since Google offered the best product, more people expressed the interest to use it.  

Google remains to be the champion of search with no signs that it will change anytime soon. What’s behind this immense success, then?

  1. Harmonized leadership group

The company’s tightly synchronized leadership group is among the key factors behind its success. Google’s three leaders is the classic leadership molecule composed of leaderships function as one effective team.

  1. Wise expansion

Google also has a wise eye for brand new acquisitions and ventures outside the search engine market in areas that generated synergy with its core. 

  1. Dedication to cutting edge

Google has long been committed to offering its users with only the best technology available today.  As far as the context of this now-classic search engine is concerned, it has meant the constant reworking of the basics to create Universal Search, followed by Realtime Search, and finally Google Instant with the purpose of making the process of looking for information on the web more convenient and more revealing at the same time for the users. With Google Instant offering suggestions letter by letter, most of the time, there is no longer a need for a searcher to finish the word that they type just to look for the links to sources that they want.

  1. Subtle marketing

The last but not the least, Google has also mastered the art of marketing itself as a brand name using ways that don’t seem like that is what they are doing. One example of this kind of marketing that is under the radar is Google doodle. The home page of Google just features the letters of Google that are colorfully displayed. However, during holidays and special occasions, the home page features the Google doodle that is usually a very humorous and striking reworking of the letters. Such doodles attract lots of favorable attention.

Advantages of google search engine

Advantages of google search engine

What benefits can you expect from using Google search engine?

  1. Speedy performance

A lot of modern sites like those for online commerce and news feature sophisticated programming that tends to slow down the browser. Google search engine processes the programming in a more efficient way and shows complex pages immediately to save you time and keep your online session responsive and snappy in most instances. Even though some of its rivals already surpassed or caught up its quick performance, Google remains to be among the fastest browsers in the world.

  1. Contemporary layout

Google search engine has a simple layout with only a few buttons that are frequently used like forward, back, and reload showing on the screen to leave more room for web content. One more space-saving trick they use is the address box or what they call omnibox that accepts search text and standard internet addresses alike.

  1. Tab Independence

Finally, Google manages several web sessions simultaneously, with each one assigned to its specific tab. Issues with one site that might freeze that tab are isolated there. Google search engine itself continues running without affecting the sessions in the rest of the tabs.