Top 10 reasons why you should use wordpress

Why use WordPress? One of the most highlighted questions that we often get asked – and the answer is very simple and clear, WordPress is free of cost and extremely powerful tool to build sites amazingly, this open-source CMS powers a few of the biggest brand in the world.

Therefore, I would like to breakdown the reasons why I use WordPress, giving a clear vision as to why it is the most well-known option CMS and site-building tool in the world. Below are the top ten reasons why you use WordPress for your site.

Why use WordPress

1. WordPress is truly free of cost and open source

Unlike several other open source and free solutions that have many “hidden” agendas; WordPress is free of cost, forever. does not start charging when you hit a specific size and does it near off an off its code system to you. This is one of the low tangible but possibly the most vital elements of WordPress’s massive success. No nonsense, No charges, and no gotcha.

2. Plugins provide you more functionality

There’re several platforms out there that provide the Plug-in feature, but I have never seen a more accurate and thorough implementation than the effort on WordPress Plug-ins. This Plug-ins let you add best image galleries, shopping carts, maps, forums, sliders, and many more great features.

There is a searchable 1 click install directory of Plug-ins. Their code system is riddled with hooks that let developers add their code system to virtually any aspect Plug-ins to come from the PC courage labs soon.

3. Simply add a blog to your website comes to frame from blogging and remain considered by several to be a blog platform. Even itself looks to verify with blogging first, as the fix configuration is for the home web page to be the blog site. Aside from the exceptional advances in CMS, the blog feature is remaining the finest in the business.

With categories, threaded commenting, tags, easy themes, amazing moderation controls, widgets, plug-in infrastructure, and anti-spam solutions, you cannot find a greater blog solution. Adding to a blog site to a is the best technique to attract and involve visitors and to keep paying attention to Google.

4. The CMS and visual editor are exceptional

The user-friendly, intuitive backend of the WordPress platform is probably what made it very famous in the first spot. I will never keep in mind the relief I felt when I primarily installed WordPress after some DRUPAL experience.

I forever tell my customers, if you can do it in World, you can simply do in Word Press. In fact, with paste from the tool in Word, the statement is more genuine than you would imagine. This platform is regularly improving its CMS remarkably, adding more features such as galleries, threaded-comments, custom post types, revision histories, trash, and more. If you have not maintained a WordPress website so far, give it a look.

5. Outstanding themes let you style your website

I tell clients in every meeting that their website does not need to recreate the wheel when it comes to outstanding look. We like doing custom web appearance for our customers, but several of them did not need it.

We have been capable to make extremely charming and very successful websites by starting from pre-existing themes and dong many customizations from there as well. Because these themes are open source, you can purchase or download them after than modify them to your potential content.

I’ve to provide a very special credit to the folks of great themes, who make amazingly powerful and simple to use themes at an extremely reasonable price.

6. WordPress has a huge support community

More than 30% of all sites run of WordPress and it has an almost 60 percent share of the CMS. The number of people utilizing it means If you’ve an issue or a question, odds are answers are waiting for out in one of the developer forums and Support.

It means that if you ever wish to outsource your website maintenance, design of content, there’re many writers, developers, designers, and editors who know how your website’s CMS works.

7. WordPress takes security extremely seriously

It also makes it simple to remain your website’s program up to the mark all the time, which is vital to keeping data stealers and cyber criminals out of your website. A few software updates here are automatic, to prevent security breaches, and you can pick whether you wish your Plug-ins to update mechanically or whether you will handle those updates yourself.

8. Search engine friendly

Out of the box, Word Press is Search Engine Optimization friendly, well-known search engines, like Bing and Google, tend to rank sites that utilize Word Press, bigger than those that do not. This is just because the CMS’ proper frameworks make it simple for the search engine’s spiders to crawl effortlessly.

9. Numerous eCommerce solutions

There’s a big reason why use WordPress, is a range of eCommerce solutions. If you are utilizing it to run a commercial site, you will be glowing taken care of with loads of e-commerce site solutions available. You can shift your site into an internet store using well-known Plug-ins Like Woo-Commerce and WP Ecommerce.

10. WordPress websites are accessible

WordPress websites are normally built on relatively easy and accessible ways. It is simple to install on Linux and Windows servers. It utilized any free license server software, the pages render in CSS, and HTML allowing them to show up on BlackBerry, Apple, Android devices. It is also very simple to alternative browsers such as browsers (text only) which is great for those with disabilities.

Bottom line

The final words are that if you wish a website that looks completely professional, gets big results and is very simple to set up and maintain, then Word Press is almost forever going to be your finest bet, particularly if you are not coding savoir-faire and wish to get on with running your on with running your company or business.