How to tell how old a website is

Domain aged is one of the ranking signals. Many people keen to check their competitor website age. This guide, we will show you 7 methods to to check when a website was created, how to tell if a website is old, is it the website did any revamp before and it is the website changing hosting provider before.

Method 7 is the gold mine. Don’t miss it!

Domain age checker

You can use online tool to check when a website was created. Some seo firms or any matching niche companies such as web hosting provider, they offer domain age checker for free because this tool can earn them backlinks.

These tools pull the results from whois database.

1. Dupli Checker

This is the best because this tool will also show you the time of the domain created, the date the domain owner renew the domain ( domain updated on ).

Dupli Checker

2. Coder Duck

You can also use coder Duck domain age checker to check the domain age of your competitors. This site have many display ads. Nothing to blame. They have to earn some money to cover the server cost.

Coder Duck domain age checker



The above are the top 3 tools to check whois database. WHOIS operated by ICANN. ICANN is a none profit organization in LA.


If the website is using WordPress CMS, just type /wp-sitemap.xml at the end of the domain. This is the XML sitemap created by WordPress. Look for page sitemap, not post sitemap. Most website they created the pages first. The page sitemap will tell you the last modified date of the pages.

How to tell if a site is WordPress? Please refer to our previous guide for more. We listed down 10 possible way to check is it the website is build using WordPress CMS.

Some website also put the sitemap link at footer, for better crawling purposes.

Wayback machine

Wayback machine owned by Internet Archive. An excellent tool to check the age of a domain and the previous version of a website. Many seo senior use this tool to check before they decided want to purchase the expired domains or not.

Just enter the domain. This tool will tell you how many times the domain saved between a date ranged. For example, our website have been saved 274 times and registered on 2007.

If you click on the year, Wayback machine will show you the version of the website of you chosen year. People use this function to check is it the website did a revamp or change brand before or not.

Google chrome extension

Go to google chrome web store, search for Domain Age Checker. This chrome extension have been downloaded for more than 1000 times. We try it. Work like a charm. We recommend only turn it on when you need it. Less extension, your computer can perform better.

google chrome Domain Age Checker extension

Historical A record lockup

SecurityTrails offering a free historical A record lockup tool. Previously you don’t have to register an account to view the full report, now you have to login to view. From the domain historical A record, you can know the domain age.

Historical A record lockup

DNS history lookup

Complete DNS claimed they have the largest DNS history database. Just enter the domain and you will be shock with the result. – 6 changes and 0 drops recorded over 13 years

result from

This tool not only tell you the domain age but also will show you the full list of the hosting providers that host the website before. Cool?

zinruss studio DNS history lookup


You can also use google to search for domain age. Just use the popular search operator


Then add add “&as_qdr=y20” to the end of the search result string.

y20 is past 20 years, y13 is past 13 years

For example:

This will show you the past 10 years result of our domain, meta title, meta descriptions.

You can use the drop down to choose the date of the serp.

Now you learn how to find when a website was published. If having any issue, please feel free to contact us.